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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Celebrations

We have celebrated Halloween for the past few years. It's not that big here, but children have started to go trick or treating on Halloween for the last few years. This year was fairly quiet - we didn't get many kids at the door. I found a nice big pumpkin (after some hunting 0 they are hard to get here and a bit pricey) and carved it. The jack-a-lantern was cool, but I forgot to take a photo of it :-(

My girls had a few friends over and they all went tramping around the neighbourhood dressed up and having fun. They didn't find many houses that were participating though and were a little disappointed, especially Shelby (my youngest) and her best friend, Erin.

After the trick or treating, I took the oldest kids (Tegan, her boyfriend and her two best friends) to see Saw IV. Slasher flicks are always good value on Halloween :-)

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Rustic Tarts said...

Hi Sharon

It has been lovely to 'meet' you - thanks for stopping by my blog today and commenting re the button bracelets. The one on the right of the photo has used vintage buttons but most of the other ladies went to the 'cheap shops' and bought the cheap plastic one! I have a couple of bracelets using the vintage buttons and they are absolutely gorgeous. Unique and the colours are more beautiful.