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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Photo Challenge - LOOKING UPWARDS!

We have been on a few excursions into Sydney over the past few days and I found some great views when I looked up! Thanks to Joan from Joan's Journeys for hosting this challenge. It certainly changed my point of view :-)

A light pole near the Circular Quay. It just looked so interesting, simple and elegant. I love the reflection from the sun.

The Opera House sails are just so beautiful and iconic that I had to include them.

We went to the Australian Museum in Sydney and this was the ceiling in one of the rooms. Gorgeous!

I couldn't resist adding this photo. I took it in the Chinese Gardens at Darling Harbour. It is a view of the roof of one of the pavilions in the gardens. Just beautiful.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Sky Watch Friday

We usually go away this time of year but this year we decided to stay home and enjoy the city. I could not go past a photo of the Sydney Opera House as my first contribution for 2009. There was not a cloud in the sky.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Coffs Harbour Butterfly House

On my recent holiday with my sister we visited the Coffs Harbour Butterfly House. There were so many butterflies and we were lucky enough to have a couple land on us (much to Andy's horror...LOL). They have their own breeding and hatching program to keep the butterfly house stocked and there are usually about ten to fifteen species living there. A great experience! Well worth a visit if you are in the area.

A Male Varied Eggfly Butterfly on my shoulder

Male Cruiser Butterfly

Male Cairns Birdwing Butterfly

Female Varied Eggfly Butterfly

Common Crow Butterfly

Andy gets a visit from a Male Varied Eggfly Butterfly

She sure is popular with the butterfly's, much to her horror....LOL

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me and my hubbie, Tony. Yes, we share the same birthday but he's a year older. What a coincidence, huh!?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Holiday with my Sister

My sister, Andy, and I went on a holiday together after New year. We left the kids and husbands at home and embarked on a road trip up the coast.

First stop was Morpeth, near Maitland, where we did some shopping. I bought the most beautiful embroidered jacket. We had lunch and were on our way again, only to get stuck in the most horrendous traffic. It took us two hours to travel about 50 kilometres because of road work - and there was actually no road work crews working that day! We finally got to Forster and stayed the night.

The second day we traveled up to Port Macquarie and enjoyed some leisurely shopping and a laze by the pool after we checked in to our motel. We had a lovely dinner at a bar overlooking the river and then retired for the night.

The next day we went to Bellingen, did some shopping and enjoyed the most delicious lunch at the pub. I have never had such divine antipasto. We then travelled on to Coffs Harbour, were we stayed for three nights. We enjoyed plenty of shopping and a little sight-seeing, went to the movies one night to see The Day the Earth Stood Still and ate out for dinner at a lovely restaurant one night. We visited a butterfly house (more in the next post about that). On our last day we also indulged in massages.

We spent day 6 travelling home - a long trip but the traffic was much better. Home after a great trip. I think that I bought more for the girls than myself, but that is usually the way. I kept seeing things that they would love and couldn't help myself.

A great, relaxing holiday :-)

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year's Eve

We celebrated New Year's Eve at my sister's with a Bollywood party. We had a great time getting into the spirit of things and dressing the part. Most people stayed the night - they even used the neighbour's backyard as a camp area with three tents and two caravans. We got the spare bedroom, so had comfie beds. It was great fun - just a shame those cocktails did me in early...LOL.

Shelby and Tegan looking fabulous!!

Shelby, Tegan and her boyfriend Lucas.

Tony and I dressed to the nine's Bollywood style.

Shelby and a little friend.

Tony, Darryl and Matt Indian style.

Maddie, Katrina and Shelby (in the middle).

Andrea, mum and I.

HAPPY 2009!!

Photo Challenge - ANYTHING NEW

Sorry that I'm late - AGAIN! I've been on a holiday with my sister (I'll put up a post about it in the next few days). I got plenty of new things on my holiday, although my two girls ended up with more than me, as per usual. Whenever I go away without them I end up buying them lots of nice things.

Thanks to LauraBelle of Simply LauraBelle for hosting this round of the challenge. To see everyone else's entries go to The Brenda Photo Challenge Blog.

This is my new bracelet. The amethyst beads are for peace and wisdom, the Capricorn is my star sign (practical and loyal), the jade bear claw is for good luck, confidence, power and inner strength and the female goddess represents love and compassion.

This gorgeous little statue is Jizo Bosatsu, a protective family deity and protector of children.

These wind chimes were made from aluminium from dis-used electrical cable stripped from mine sites in Africa. The stones in the wind chime are made from melting and setting recycled glass and recycled buffing stones. It is a beautiful piece and sounds lovely.

I hope that enjoyed my 'Anything New' contribution.