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Friday, January 9, 2009

Photo Challenge - ANYTHING NEW

Sorry that I'm late - AGAIN! I've been on a holiday with my sister (I'll put up a post about it in the next few days). I got plenty of new things on my holiday, although my two girls ended up with more than me, as per usual. Whenever I go away without them I end up buying them lots of nice things.

Thanks to LauraBelle of Simply LauraBelle for hosting this round of the challenge. To see everyone else's entries go to The Brenda Photo Challenge Blog.

This is my new bracelet. The amethyst beads are for peace and wisdom, the Capricorn is my star sign (practical and loyal), the jade bear claw is for good luck, confidence, power and inner strength and the female goddess represents love and compassion.

This gorgeous little statue is Jizo Bosatsu, a protective family deity and protector of children.

These wind chimes were made from aluminium from dis-used electrical cable stripped from mine sites in Africa. The stones in the wind chime are made from melting and setting recycled glass and recycled buffing stones. It is a beautiful piece and sounds lovely.

I hope that enjoyed my 'Anything New' contribution.


LauraBelle said...

I love windchimes! Those are really nice long ones ... very nice! Thanks for playing and thank you for stopping in ~ Laura

Donna said...

Oh, I would LOVE to have those windchimes on my porch! Beautiful! Pretty bracelet too!

Brenda said...

I love your "New" things! The bracelet is wonderful, the statue adorable, and I adore wind chimes. Great choices Miz Sharon!

Jeanne said...

What beautiful new things Sharon and I love the meaning behind each one. Glad to hear you had fun on your holiday and love the 'Bollywood' party. Everyone looks great!

Butterfly Gardener said...

I love the windchime! That is gorgeous and would sound so nice in my yard! Hope you enjoy all your new things.