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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Green Lifestyle Magazine

I am always trying to think of what to give my dad and his wife for Christmas. Last year my sister and I gave them a gift subscription to G Magazine. G: The Green Lifestyle Magazine is packed with practical tips and ideas that cover every aspect of life: home, food, finance, fashion, renovation, technology, how-to as well as the big issues! It is printed on recycled paper and I was so impressed with the copies that I flicked through while visiting dad and Dawn, that I subscribed to it too.

G Magazine is the world's only monthly environmental publication. Launched in November 2006, it has collected praise and accolades far and wide, and was awarded Consumer Magazine of the Year at Australia's annual Bell Magazine Awards in 2007. Whether shopping for clothes or food, renovating a house, planning a trip, buying gifts, investing money or purchasing a car, G is a practical bible to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Check it out. Grab a copy in Coles or your local newsagent (in Australia) or subscribe online.



Hiya Sharon!

Oooh i didnt know you had this blog as well! adding it to my list of 'Must visit blogs' !

I love the idea of a magazine subscription as a prezzie. Youve got me thinking now (and thats a scary thing sometimes...) ha ha.

Hows the swap coming along? Hope youre having fun with it !

Chat soon,

p.s How cold is it?? i am freezing (i know im a sooky la la)

Sharon Ellery said...

I've just started this blog, plus another one for work. And the book blog that I've had for a while.

Swap is proving fun. Will have to visit that yummy shabby chic shop in Springwood for some goodies I think. I'm sure that I'll find something there :-))

Winter is coming early. Definitely snuggly doona weather.