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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Gorgeous Girls

I have two daughters. Shelby is ten and Tegan is fourteen next week. They are both beautiful, inside and out.

Tegan is in Year 9 and attends the local public high school. She is capable of that typical teenage attitude, but we have a great relationship and I feel that we can (and do) talk about anything and everything. She has had a boyfriend for over a year now and has a great bunch of friends, who are genuine and nice people. She spends most of her time communicating - on the phone, on the internet and IM (you get the idea). She loves to read and listen to music - her computer hard-drive is almost full of music files.

Shelby is an extrovert. She's in Year 5 at the local primary school. She's very independent and rides her bike to school. She loves dancing and doing little skits to amuse the family. She also loves to draw. She can be a little bossy and her friendship group fluctuates, though she does have a core group of friends.

We travel a lot and the girls really enjoy seeing Australia and experiencing different things - sitting in an outback pub, watching the sun set over opal mines, paddling in creeks, climbing up to magnificent lookouts to see the view and watching outback television (the campfire). I love my girls dearly. They are both strong, loving and independent. They can think for themselves and I look forward to seeing them grow into wonderful women.

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