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Friday, July 4, 2008

Broken Hill Sculptures

This slideshow is of a very special place just outside Broken Hill in outback New South Wales. I have been there a few times now with family and friends and it is always the most magical experience. We have always visited at sunset with a bottle of wine and sat or wandered and enjoyed the sculptures and the sun setting across the desert.


Karen said...

What a beautiful place! What is the history behind the carvings? It looks fascinating.

I would have loved for you to host the next photo challenge, but I had already asked Karen M at Loved and Engraved to host the next one. Send her a message and you'll be next I'll bet! (I'll let her know, too)

Karen M said...

Hi Sharon,

Thank you for volunteering to host the photo challenge after me. I was wondering who I should ask. Now, that is settled.

I love your carefree attitude on life.

Karen M.

Just Joni said...

what a beautiful place...the sunset shot really sets the mood...looks like a nice place to gather peace...thanks for sharing!

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Sharon, what wonderful photos! I loved them all..
That looks like a fabulous place to visit.
Thanks for the comment you left me..It was very nice.
xoxo Nita

Jeanne said...

What an amazing place. Looks like you picked the perfect time of day to visit too. Looks very peaceful.

Shelbez said...

hey mum, your doing great work ive only got 3 comments from well 2 from u and 1 from tegan so i hope you get more comments then me even though i want some comments to but yeah, sooo keep up the good work !!!

Genevieve said...

A bottle of wine,family and those and those views who could ask for more??Beautiful!

Shelbez said...

hello mum,
i love the video its very clever and love the sculpchers there butiful with the butiful sun set.
bye shelby

Nita Jo said...

So beautiful! It's magical in the pictures, so I can only imagine how spectacular they all look in person. Thanks for sharing them!

Nita Jo