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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Last weekend, the 28th and 29th June, the Blue Mountains Four Wheel Drive Club had their annual Fun Day (or Funkhana). We set off Saturday morning up the Putty Road to a property owned by one of the members, set up camp and got started.

The activities were all great fun - they were all easy and based on skill and having fun. There were about twenty cars competing - some came up for the day, while others camped for the weekend. The Saturday night was cold - we woke up to a good frost. We were all rugged up for the cool mornings and nights, but the sun was lovely. We had glorious clear, crisp days.

Of course, catching up and chatting with friends was on the agenda :-) As you can see from the photos below, we did fit some driving in too. The left-hand photo is the start of the ball and pole event, where you have to drive around a somewhat circular course and the driver has to place a ball on each pole and then drive around and knock them all off again. The right-hand photo is an event where you have to roll balls down the pipe attached to your car and try to get them in the containers (I am REALLY bad at that).

Our camp site. We have a good size camper trailer with a swing out kitchen. It was the sunniest spot, so we had sun most of the day. In winter that's great. Below lft, is my sister Andy and I. Below right are my two girls, Shelby and Tegan.

This is me driving a full pelt and then stopping quick enough to touch, but not knock over, the post. Just like trying to get a parking spot in the shopping centre :-) You can just make out me in the driver's seat.

Every event attracted a crowd. Besides competing, watching is the next best thing!

Shelby was Tony's navigator for this event. You had to hold a full-to-the-brim container of water while the driver drove up a hill, around a loop and back down, without spilling the water. Hilarious stuff.

All in all, a great weekend :-)


Karen said...

What fun! My neighbor has a jeep and is always going places to go "rock climbing" or mudding or something similar. We're enjoying close to 100 degree days here. The cool weather sounds nice.

Shelbez said...

that weekend was so fun and geting a bite wet was fun to i think i did a good job

Bye mummy<3 shelby(: