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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Holidays (Part 2) - Armidale Area

We spent three nights in the Armidale area. We stayed at Uralla, well known locally for Captain Thunderbolt, one of our bushrangers. It was surprising cold here as it is quite high altitude-wise, so we had to go shopping for more winter clothes :-) A girl can always find an excuse to buy more clothes

We saw so many magnificent waterfalls - there is an area near here known as Waterfall Way. Each was different for some reason, and all were beautiful. We also splurged on some very nice wine from Petersen's winery (well worth a visit).

There is also some very pretty architecture in the area, as evidenced by this gorgeous old church that is still used once a month and this really unusual shearing shed.

Stay tuned for more holiday adventures!!

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Anonymous said...

Good to read your stories and see your lovely photos. My ex-brother-in-law & his family (just visited in Albury) used to live in Uralla, so I know this area a bit. We had some cold weather too while we were away but just managed with what we'd brought - though I did look for track suits without success!
Already hot today by 9 am!