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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Holidays (Part 3) - Tenterfield area

We camped in a national park about half an hour out of Tenterfield for three days and did quite a bit of exploring in the area. We also found time to relax and have fun. This was a real bush camp - long drop loo ( fancy hole in the ground with a toilet on top) and no shower (just the river). The quiet and the wildlife was definitely worth it though!

We found still more waterfalls in this area, though they were smaller and some of them were remarkably accessible, with lots of swimming swimming holes in the area. Every afternoon we came back to camp and walked the minute or two to the small river behind our camp area and enjoyed playing on the rock ledges and in the water. Of course, I pulled out a book to read (you can check out my other blog, Abundant Books, to see what I read). There was also a waterhole where there were platypus, although we weren't lucky enough to spot them.

We went on a great hike to view the single, largest exposed granite boulder in the southern hemisphere. It was a good hike up and the return track was incredibly steep - would not have liked to walk up that way.

Every evening we were gifted with delightful visitors. Small wallabies came nosing around our campsite. As you can see, they were fairly curious and not afraid to come close if we stayed still. The second night mum came too and she also had a joey in her pouch. You could see it moving around and she even stuck her nose in her pouch to lick the baby, but it wouldn't come out. The were delightful animals and made the camp even more special.

We were also visited by a possum, that liked to eat in the large tree above where we parked the car. The last night that we were there it came bolting out of the tree, almost ran over Shelby's toes where she was sitting and enjoying the campfire and scooted off into the darkness. Shelby was frightened and excited. A great finish to a great campsite.

Stay tuned for more adventures!!

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A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh you got to love the aussie bush!
That's some real camping you guys did.
It looks so peaceful and fresh and I can just imagine how it smelled!