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Monday, October 27, 2008

My Holidays (Part 4) - Gold Coast

We spent the next part of our holiday at the Gold Coast. We stayed at a great park, Treasure Island, though we had some fun trying to get the trailer level before we could set up. The kids really enjoyed the pools, water slide, putt putt golf and the buggies!

Tegan and I visited Dracula's Haunted House in the city centre - five floors of props and scary rooms. Tegan didn't let go of my hand the entire time. It was fun, but after all those horror movies that I've watched, it wasn't that scary. Watch out for a great photo that I'm going to put in the next Brenda's Photo Challenge from here - it's absolutely hilarious...LOL!

We spent two days at Dreamworld and White Water World. What a great time riding all the rides. Shelby was unsure of a lot of them - we'd queue up for ages and she would be apprehensive, but she had a fantastic time on them. The water rides were amazing - I spent most of my time screaming on them though :-) We ended up spending a small fortune on photos of us all on the rides - they will all be in another post, so make sure that you check them out. The tigers were fascinating - we were lucky enough to see a cub being walked on a leash and at one of the shows we were treated to the white tiger showing off.

We also caught up with a few friends. Mark and Janaya had moved up to the Gold Coast earlier this year with their family, and we saw them most days that we were there and also enjoyed dinner with them at their place, and going out with them to dinner a couple of times. We also caught up with other friends, Mick and Jenni and their girls, and we all went out on Mark's boat one day to try our hand at fishing. No fish, but a great time :-)

A very hectic, but fun, five days.

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