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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Punky Fairy

Today is Shelby's last Easter parade. She is in Year 6 and going to High School next year. The theme this year is "Wings and Masks" and she was determined to borrow my wings, even though she is always telling me that she is NOT a girly girl, she's a tomboy.

We had everything for the costume but a top and I admit that I had to bully her into this top. She thought that it was too pretty and bright but I was adamant that it would be perfect. When we got home from the shopping trip and she tried it all on, even she had to admit that mum was right :-)

My husband must think he lives in a nuthouse sometimes. I bought the wings on our last camping / touring holiday and he was hassling me about why I needed them. He really wasn't happy when he ended up with fairy glitter all over his bag...LOL. I have quite a few wands too. And Shelby already had the black tutu.

It was very busy this morning doing Shelby's face up until she was happy with it. It turned out really well. I think that she looks absolutely gorgeous and she is happy that there is a punk look to her outfit. Like her mum, she's a girl who likes to look a little different :-)

I had to drop her off at school as she had most of her costume on, the wand poking out of her school bag that was on her back, wings in one hand and a basket of goodies for the market stall in the other.

My little girl is growing up.


The Right Blue said...

She looks marvelous. I could just squeeze her. And you're right -- that top is perfect.

Anonymous said...

Have just been to Shelby's blog hoping to read another story, but it's so good to see her looking grown-up and beautiful in her costume.
Hope your health is blooming and that Easter is restful. I doubt that ours will be. We have a house-full!
We'll send an email with our itinerary in a week or so. We leave for the UK with Jenny, Mark and 3 year old Ben on 22 May, home on 14 July.
Love to you all
Dawn, and Dad

management training said...

I love her colorful wings.LOL... It fits her well.
Have a nice easter!