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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June Long Weekend

We escaped the rain and clouds of Sydney for a weekend of camping along the Bridle Trail - the original road out to Hill End (near Bathurst). We had a great time camping, relaxing, reading (that was me) and enjoyed a nice pub lunch in Hill End on the Sunday. We had a visitor in the camp site each night - a fox that liked to steal the dog bowl and sniff through the beer bottles. We spotlighted him a number of times amongst the tents and caravans. Shelby entertained Tegan and Lucas by inventing scary stories to tell them - little did they know that the fox was outside the tent. The only downside was the long trip back down the mountain on Monday. Now Tuesday and I'm back at work looking out the window at the rain.

Our camp site along the river

Sitting around the fire

Tegan and her boyfriend Lucas


The view along the Bridle Track on the way to Hill End

Shelby and me at the Hill End pub

Me by the river on the way back from the pub - afternoon tea stop

Shelby again - at the river

On our way home


Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds like you all had an awesome weekend!!
YAY!!!! good for you!!

Shelbez said...

thanx mum i really do like your style.I hope people comment you and like your blog!! love shelby