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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Photo Challenge - ORANGE

I have joined Brenda's Photo Challenge. I found it while roaming through some of the blogs that I read. The orange challenge was issued by Miz Joni. Have a look at the links from their sites to the other participants in the challenge. Can't wait for the next one :-)

This is the back view of a stilt walker at the Winter Magic Festival in Katoomba. The orange wings were stunning when the sun caught them.

The afternoon that I signed up for the photo challenge, I was driving home and caught sight of this glorious riot of orange. I had to race home and grab the camera before the sun set. Well worth the rush. Imagine that sight in your front yard every day while it's in flower.

This is a close-up of the floral hedge. The depth of colour is glorious. It is winter here and I was lucky to find these flowers.


Brenda said...

Wonderful displays of orange!! What beautiful flowers and they definitely fit right in with the challenge topic. Thank you so much for playing with us!

Debbie said...

Sharon! I've never seen flowers like that :) They are gorgeous and you did a great job with the project...I had fun too!

Camping? Rather be camping in cool would that be? Very.....

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Sharon! How wonderful to "meet" you! I kept checking in on your blog yesterday to see if you still did the photo challenge thing. The Orange one was my first so I wasn't sure who was a regular and who wasn't.
Anyway - I loved your blog - you look like such a happy-go-lucky free spirit (the kind I always want to be but am to uptight to actually develop that way. lol)

And your orange photos are beautiful! I would LOVE to have a hedge like that. What on earth is it? Not that it would matter - the odds of me growing anything new are slim and none. The fact that lantana is considered a weed in other parts of the world explains how it is that I'm able to grow it here. lol

Thank you for your visit and I look forward to seeing more of you in the photo challenges. (I had such a great time with that - can't wait to do it again).


Sharon Ellery said...


Not sure what the hedge is - though it seems to be popular here. Weeds are really easy to grow :-) and it's a bonus if they look that pretty.

I figure that you only have one life - so live it the way you need to live it.


Just Joni said...

I love the flower pictures, but my favorite is the festival shot...I can almost hear the sounds and taste the flavors of the day...all different from here, I'm sure...I love street faires and cultural gatherings, they always provide a little insight into ourselves.

I'm glad you participated in the photo challenge...hope to "see" you in the next go-around if not sooner!

Cindra said...

What fun photos! I am so glad you are part of this photo challenge.

Donna said...

Great pictures! Bet the festival was fun and full of color! And that hedge was gorgeous. I don't think I've ever seen that variety!

Nonnie said...

love your photos, sharon!...that is a wonderful word to describe the hedge....a RIOT of color! beautiful!....and i love the magic festival photo.....caught beautifully with the sun streaming through the wings...wonderful...i reognize your blog as one i stopped by yesterday...i guess i was just too early! :)
thanks for stopping by mine also and hope to visit again!

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Absouloutly Gorgeous luv!
All your photos were splendid..
xoxo Nita

Donna said...

Fantastic pictures! I especially like the carnival one!! Great display of orange!! And the flowers are Wonderful!! Well Done!!hughugs

Karen M said...

So glad you joined in on the challenge. Loved your orange flowers. I've never seen those flowers before. Looking forward to the next challenge. You did great!!

Jeanne said...

Great pictures, those flowers! Glad you're joining the challenge. Love the profile pic, were you at a parade in Brattleboro VT?

Sally said...

Oh my!! Gorgeous hedge - yeah, I'd love to see that every day!!

You did a great job!! I look forward to the next challenge, and hopefully won't delete the pictures!! hahaha

I'm so glad you're taking part!!

Jeanette said...

WoW! That hedge of orange flowers is really something!! Wonder what kind of flower it is that grows in the winter. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm so happy to be doing this photo challenge. It's a lot of fun!!

joan said...

Hi Sharon,
Thanks for visiting me, I didn't know you were playing or I would have been here sooner. I knew I would miss someone. LOL I love that hedge of flowers. I've never seen anything like that before and it's about the coolest flower shot I've seen. Great job with the orange challenge and it's nice to meet you

Karen said...

Hi Sharon,

What gorgeous flowers! I wonder what they are? This is so fun getting to know friends in Australia! I'm excited that you're going to join us for the next photo challenge. That'll be great!!

Shelbez said...

hey mummy looks like your web site is a big hite and i love it and were did you get those photos from of the flowers there butiful just like you no wonder you took the pichers. so any way thank you for helping me and Tegan on our blogers the blogers are so fun and now dads makeing one and im going to comment him a lot and you and tegan and i hope your happy with your blog couse im happy even though i've only got a few comments but i'll live at lest i think so hahahahaha well im all ways hopeing that people will comment you and you'll have fun ok,bye
<3 shelby (: