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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Magic Wand Swap

I love to get parcels in the mail. I hate window envelopes though - there are always bills inside. I got a lovely parcel the other day. It was from my partner in the Magic Wand Swap hosted by Genevieve from Bella Enchanted. It was a pretty striped box addressed to me :-) for a change - there are always parcels for my DH, who is addicted to EBay.

I opened up my pretty parcel with excitement and found some
lovely treasures inside. My girls were as excited as me to see what was inside.

"Is it your wand?"

"I think so. I love purple."

I unwrapped the purple tissue paper to find a gift and a pretty purple magic wand. Just what my fairy alter-ego desired. My daughters and I admired my gifts and then I laughed. I haven't finished the wand for my partner yet (but I am working on it) and realised that the butterfly on my wand was the same as the one that I had bought to put on hers...LOL. Just goes to show that we both must have great taste :-)

Thank you Skye from Vintage Whimsey. I promise that you will have your wand soon - I have to tweak the butterfly to make it look a little different now :-)


VintagePretties said...

Hi Sharon :) Im so glad you got the wand and you liked it... i think i went a lil over board with the purple -- lol but when your on a good thing...roll with it :).

I had stacks of fun creating the wand, and im glad its gone to a happy home.

I cant wait to see what you come up with.

Debb said...

Sharon, Hi my name is Debb I was in the wand swap too I 'm just looking at other people wand . My partner was Kai ofthe partyin kaihead. I made her apurple wand and she made me a halloween wand . I had fun making my wand and sound like you two did two.Love the wand you got