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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Next Host for Photo Challenge

Tegan from Pacman Forever is the next lucky hostess. She'll post her theme tomorrow.

Here are the rules as for as I know them.....
If you want to participate please go to The Brenda Photo Challenge Blog and leave a comment. Then you will need to post 2-3 photos depicting your interpretation of the current theme on your blog by the set date. Most importantly of all, have fun :-)

Here are the rules for the next lucky hostess.

1. If you're asked to host the next challenge, and you accept the mission, pick a date (usually two weeks gives everyone time to gather their subjects and snap their photos).

2. Pick a theme (can be anything that floats your boat).

3. Post the rules and the next host, on your post. The next host then does the same!


Donna said...

Thank You Sharon for doing such a Wonderful job hosting the Brenda Photo challenge!! It WAS FUN!! I'll post Tegans theme and date after she says what they will be.....Thanks again sweetie!!hughugs

a bite of country cupcakes said...

Thanks so much for popping by my new blog....
Am glad to hear you will come by again!
I actually had come by your blogs before...Had'nt left comments though....Now I understand how much comments mean to the blogger!! lol!!

Anyway your photos look great...I love,love ,love photos

Karen said...

This photo challenge was fun. Thanks for hosting it. As for skateboards, my son has one too, however this is a different type where the wheels go in two different directions. Kind of crazy.

Nita Jo said...

I don't think I said "thank you" for hosting the photo challenge, so "Thanks!"

It was such a fun subject to work with.

Nita Jo