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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - On Top of the World!

What can I say - a WOW moment walking up the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Donna said...

I would be exhausted! Can't beat the view though!

Cindra said...

They do this on a bridge in Cincinnati, OH. I really want to do this... so cool!

CK-II said...

Wow! That sure was memorable. Happy WW! :)

Anonymous said...

Breathtaking scenery from the Harbor Bridge.

Pamela said...

curious... are you harnessed in -- those matching belts around your waist?
~~~~~ I dream of visiting the land down under ~~~~


OHMYGAWD i cant believe you did that!!!!!!!!! You are my hero Sharon! NO WAY could i do it, NO WAY. But how awesome was it ????


Tabitha said...

That definitly is a WOW moment!!
love and hugs XXX

Colored Heart said...

Hi Funky Fairy! First of all, I would like to ask about your cool attire on the post. Did you wear that going to the Harbor Bridge or are they something they let you put on like a tour suit? Sorry, I got intrigued.
Nice WW post. I saw that bridge posted for a number of times in different blogs. Hope to have a trip to Sidney.
By the way, if you have time, my WW post is here, BETTER TOGETHER.

Nice angry sky photo up there!

Sharon said...

We are harnessed in and we have to wear their gear - can't have anything falling off the bridge onto the traffic below :-) The even provide hair scrunchies and you can't take anything of your own up there.