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Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Blog Party - Late Entry!!

I am a naughty girl. I was supposed to do this on Saturday but I had five parties to go to this weekend and, even though I thought that I could be super-woman and fit in in, I couldn't. So forgive me and enjoy my contribution.

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We only have a small family to celebrate Christmas with, Myself, husband Tony and the two girls, my mum, and my sister and her husband and son. We usually spend most of Christmas day together and have a big lunch. Sometimes we will have a 'sleep-over' on Christmas eve (especially if it's at Andy's on Christmas day) and wake up together and have breakfast together too. This year we are going to my mum's new place for lunch. We spend a lot of time with friends over the Christmas period, celebrating and having a good time.

What are my favourite five things that I love to do at Christmas time?
  1. Enjoy yummy food. My secret sin is mixing leftover Christmas cake with ice-cream and tucking in.
  2. Spending time with friends and family.
  3. Shopping and finding the perfect gift for someone.
  4. Watching people open the gifts that I gave them.
  5. Playing Christmas carols - loudly.
Here are a few things that we spend time doing each year.

What would Christmas time be without cockatoos? They travel in good sized flocks at this time of year, scavenging and creating a ruckas. This one was watching us pack up after a big get-together in a national park.

For the past few years good friends of ours have gone slightly overboard with their Christmas lights. It has now become a tradition to go up there every year for a barbeque and Christmas light party. It usually goes very late and the house and backyard are filled with friends, children and good cheer. There are normally people who sleep over too, having over-indulged in said good cheer :-) It's always fun, though for the last two years I have ended up having two functions on this night, so I go to dinner with friends and then meet my family at the lights party afterwards. Busy, busy, busy.

Every year for the past five or six years (ever since we joined the four-wheel drive club) we have gone to the kids Christmas party. For the last few years I have helped out with the catering. We provide lunch for everyone and all the kids (12 and under) get a gift from Santa. This year we only brought along one of the girls. Tegan, who's now 14, decided to spend the day with her boyfriend instead. She really is getting a little too old for all the kids games but she is too young to 'hang out' with the adults. Santa is always the most popular person of the day, arriving in a bright red four-wheel drive, usually so high that he needs a ladder to get down...LOL!

I hope that you have enjoyed my Christmas celebrations. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and I promise that I won't be so late next time. As long as I can get into my superwoman costume...LOL!


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Ilove all aussie and so fun looking!

Country Wishes said...

I was late too, oops.. Love the Lights and it sounds like you have a lot of fun
Merry christmas!!

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

This does truly look like fun! Christmas cake and ice cream.. whoa! Gotta try!
Love the Christmas lights on the house, how festive is that?!
I mean, Santa in a helicopter? Cool!
The 4-wheel drive club looks like a great function!
Fun post!