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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I know that I am very late with this entry. I've been so busy with Christmas parties and the last week of work before Christmas that this was just put on the back-burner.

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The girls and I usually spend a day on the first weekend in December putting up our Christmas decorations and the tree. It's always great fun and it is compulsory to play Christmas carols really loudly while we do it. The only bit I hate is packing up all my other stuff and packing it away under the house (too much like hard work).

This is our Christmas advent calendar. I made it when I first had Tegan and it goes up every year loaded with treats and the girls count down to Christmas.
It has a very Aussie flavour, don't you think?

Part of my Christmas bear cuddle.

My Santa collection is always in the lounge. I have a large variety of Santa's - traditional, wooden, tin, pottery. The more the merrier.

A few of my Christmas decorations on my
great-grandmother's sewing machine.

One of my favourite Christmas baubles.

A close-up of my gorgeous white Christmas tree.
The girls and myself love hanging all the pretty decorations.

My Christmas tree - as you can see it's all pastels and pretties :-)

My snowman collection - from pieces that I painted to
lovely pieces from Switzerland.



Bride2Be said...

love that white tree!!


Jan said...

You did a great job, and I say better late than never! Yes, Santa will defintely come to your house.

Cindra said...

I love all of your Christmas goodies, but my favorite is your Advent calendar. What a priceless treasure!

Brenda said...

They're all wonderful!!!! I love the advent calender best too. Great job with this challenge!

Donna said...

Ooooh, I love the advent calendar, Santa collection, and gorgeous white tree! Thank you so much for sharing! The closeup picture of the tree is especially great!

Jeanne said...

Beautiful Sharon. Love your tree!

Jailyn said...

Nice pics..! That white Christmas tree is absolutely gorgeous.

Kim said...

Great photos, thanks for joining in! Oh and I'm sure Santa will understand! :) have a great vacation!

Donna said...

These are Beautiful! I don't know how I Missed you!!! SORRY!!!hughugs