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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our CRAZY Neighbour

I don't think that I have ever used my blog to vent, but I really feel the need to because of a really horrible individual who lives next door to us.

We have had a very scary man living next door for a few years now. He used to be okay - polite and kept to himself. Over the last few years though, he has lost the plot. He would come out his side door and start ranting and swearing and threatening to kill someone. REALLY UNPLEASANT! If we parked our four-wheel drive near his property and did some work to it (like change the tyres) he would park his car on his lawn with the exhaust pointed at Tony and leave it running, every now and again coming out to rev the engine.

Yesterday Shelby came running into the lounge room and told us that he had an axe and was chopping our palm down. We really didn't want to confront him - he had a tomahawk after all!!! - but I went down with my camera and took a couple of photos for evidence. I really should have videoed it, though I couldn't have posted it here - it would have been full of awful swearing and abuse, and I really don't want to hear that again.

Anyway, he saw me take the pictures and came running out his side gate screaming, swearing and carrying on. I spent the next hour trying to calm him while he screamed and yelled at us. I really can't describe how demented the man was, and still is. We are now going to cut down one part of the palm that is starting to lean into his fence to keep the peace. All the crazy man had to do was ask nicely. He has really lost the plot. He spent the first half hour carrying on and telling me he was a civilised man but that he would kill my husband. HELLO!! Civilised? Crazy bastard more like it!! I was really calm, but I did not back down and told him that he was an angry, rude man who was not civilised and was scaring my children.

And then suddenly he calmed down and was fairly reasonable. The neighbour from hell. From wanting to kill someone to wanting to give us a tomato plant. What do we do with people like that? He is really unpleasant and horrible and a really angry man.

The crazy neighbour coming out to "get us'.

The crazy neighbour taking the axe to our palm tree.

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A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh you poor things,
How unsettling!
But I am afraid there are some sick and just plain mean people in this world.
Don't lose hope there are some nice ones too.
But everyone should treat one another as they too want to be treated!
All the best with it all